Compared with traditional fuel trucks, new energy mixers equipped with low-speed and high torque permanent magnet servo motors can completely avoid fuel energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and at the same time give consideration to higher safety protection, minimize vehicle costs, and achieve the fastest profit for users.
The high-precision permanent magnet servo motor runs smoothly and responds very quickly. Its low speed and large torquecharacteristics can achieve the constant and stable operation of the mixing bucket at a minimum speed of 0.01 rpm. The instant forward and reverse rotation is connected without hysteresis impact, eliminating the switching hysteresis of the traditional hydraulic control mode, which brings great convenience to the driver in operation. The special driver with small volume and light weight makes the whole vehicle lighter and heavier, which not only responds quickly and stops accurately, but also is more safe and reliable
The control and drive systems are all equipped with imported electronic components at the vehicle specification level and waterproof sockets for aviation, so that the protection level of the whole system is up to IP67, which truly reflects the product characteristics of high efficiency, low failure, long life, and ultra long warranty period, so that users can no longer worry about
Compared with the traditional hydraulic drive mode, this system uses electric clean energy, which is not only efficient and safe, but also can self diagnose and prompt in case of failure. It omits the loss of maintenance downtime caused by the high failure rate of hydraulic components, and more effectively avoids various maintenance costs caused by the problems associated with hydraulic oil, realizing zero maintenance and low maintenance of products
Three control modes, namely touch control of cab display screen, rear control of vehicle and hand-held remote control, can be freely switched. The six in one drive system assembly is convenient for the driver to monitor and control the vehicle in real time in any scene, easily cope with harsh environments such as exposure, rain, hail and dust, and ensure personal safety to the greatest extent. The on-board human-computer interaction interface can freely switch multi national characters to meet the language needs of overseas operators.
It can be freely matched with pure electric new energy or hybrid truck chassis to achieve accurate control within the 1-14m concrete load range.
Servo motor
In-car touch display
Rear vehicle controller
Remote-control unit
Low energy consumption
High performance
Long life
Zero maintenance
Easy to control
Wide adaptation
Core advantages
Intelligent control electric drive system for pure electric/hybrid mixer truck
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